Because at some point (and perhaps now more than ever) us guys need to step back and breathe. Because with the traveling speed of life, comes uncertainty about our future. Because our masculine tendency is to think alone, in our head, often leaving what we find meaningful to go unheard. But perhaps most importantly, with personal inquiry comes insight and this is certain to trigger new learning and a path toward profound growth. 

Soul Degree is a course not intended to "fix" what's so, but rather to "deepen" what's possible. By putting ourselves in a safe place to share our respective battles, fears and dreams, we create connectedness, uncover our true selves, and cause honest breakthroughs. We do this through a structured "experience" that helps expose your blind spots and highlight opportunity, on your own terms.

Soul Degree is recruiting inquisitive, fun-seeking JOURNEYMEN who are eager to reflect out loud while adventuring together.  Inside of this journey, we guarantee you'll develop a stronger sense of self, find trusted resources, sharpen your listening skills, and create actionable road maps that support your desired life goals. You might also experience gut-wrenching laughter. 

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