SOUL DEGREE is an adventure-inspired personal development program designed for men. The format is intended to help us unplug (literally and figuratively), unwind, gain deep and diverse perspective and uncover (for yourself) what truly matters. The experience starts well before we circle up, but the crowning moments do occur over a 4 night/5 day retreat tailor-made especially for men who aspire to stop, step back, and journey within. It is also designed to unleash the boy in you and to give space and freedom to truly let go. Together we will challenge your definition of success (and failure), inspire personal and professional growth (and action), and explore the feeling of being present.*

We invite fathers, brothers, sons… entrepreneurs, athletes, artists… really anybody conscious of the human condition, curious about life outside of what you know. The purpose is multi-faceted and starts with YOU, but it’s also to relish in the stillness and beauty of the backcountry while following a guided inquiry into who we are, why we are here, and where we are going. All of this in the company of like-minded Journeymen - we will tap the honesty of being real, laugh (a lot), build relationships, stoke campfires, and break both trail and bread.

We promise - this is an experience unlike any other.

     *BE-ING: present participle of be; the nature or essence of a person

     *PRES-ENT; the period of time now occurring; here and now

For a video overview of Soul Degree, you can check it out HERE


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