5,4,3,2,1... Write

5,4,3,2,1… write. Just go. Put your fingers on the keyboard and tap tap tap… do not hesitate, do not create excuses, do not avoid by way of another trip to the refrigerator, just sit your bum in the chair and release what’s on the mind, from the brain to the fingers to the laptop to the screen. Don’t let the excuses of writers block stifle self-expression. Hang on, what's writers block?  Am I afflicted? 

Truth is I do love to write, but I think I’m afraid… of becoming attached.  Of creating self-prescribed pressure fueled by an expectation, that writing is the endgame.  That being a content creator is the bridge to some promise land. I loathe the idea that by publicly putting out a few “pieces” I now NEED to continue some form, any form, of prose, indefinitely.  I also find it degrading that Soul Degree (this recently launched men’s adventure retreat) will only ever be as good as the social proof demonstrated through a blogging prowess or frequency. Does it really need to be a quid pro quo? 

But for real, I will write – as a promise to myself - at a frequency that feels good. And I will attempt to share my thoughts to you, as a means of triggering a conversation. But I don’t profess to be the answer-man. Nor do I relate to my writings as higher education or a new found philosophy.  I’m just a normal guy with a desire to help. I'm also human, plagued by forgetting to let the things that bring me joy bubble up to the priority surface.

Credits:  Yes, the countdown from 5 to 1 is a meta-cognition trick taught to me by my awesome wife Mel Robbins.  She's got a fascinating bag of tricks designed to get you off your ass.