Put Your Weapons Down

I’m not talking about your 12 gauge shotgun, AK47, or 9MM. I’m talking about your phone. It is reported that the number of active cell phones will reach 7.3 billion by 2014, all of which are being carried unconcealed, in the palm of our hands.  We need not look any further than the bent necks and tapping fingers of our youth to realize these devices may be the deadliest weapons of our time.

No they are not drawing blood or killing anyone. And many would argue there is technological brilliance behind this invention. Hell, they are keeping us “connected.” But they are also highly effective at destroying our ability to be present. 

The incoming call, email, text, alert, notification, reminder, etc. has the power to go off like handheld grenade – blowing up your train of thought, your concentration, your listening, your awareness, or simply your precious time.   

I’m guilty of playing roulette with the phone. It warps my thinking and often my daily schedule, especially when kids and spouses and workmates are scattered about the country and relying on my availability. 

But I’m also launching a silent advocacy group – encouraging us humans to Put Your Weapon Down.  If for no other reason than to re-capture the present moment.  

Cheers, Chris