Time to Blossom

“The flower doesn’t dream of the bee. It blossoms and the bee comes.” 

So is the summary of this quote, stop thinking and start doing? But what about the Law of Attraction – doesn’t this concept endorse the idea of ‘dreaming?’

Fact is, the Law of Attraction, like many o' concept, isn’t a foolproof phenomenon.  But what's the downside of visualizing a future we desire. It’s certainly more entertaining than anticipating doom and gloom or looking through a half empty glass. 

Perhaps this metaphor is simply speaking to the power of just being you? Blossoming in your own skin. Being present to the acute moments of your life and how its unfolding. Without a doubt we’re all on a continuum, all at various stages in our thinking and growth, all holding aspirations and realizations that evoke different shades of emotion. 

Sometimes I do wonder for myself - where will things open up (more so than they have already). Better yet, if I could cause the opening, where would I want to push the envelope? In the case of Soul Degree (this recently launched personal development program), I truly believe that if we build it, they will come. Yet there is still fear and some hesitation. Perhaps because I feel there is still work to be done in my own shed before inviting others into it. Ironically, that’s what it’s all about.  

Time to unleash these fears, push aside the hesitation, turn on the creativity and put myself out there. Fear-less. Venture-more. 

I guess for me this blossoming means that Soul Degree will come alive (and will make a profound impact), that I will embrace becoming a yoga teacher, I will hone my own art of being a dad, I will up my pursuit of increasing heart rates while practicing meditation daily, I will be writing more freely (for me), eating better, drinking less, chasing more pow-pow, lowering my handicap(s), consuming more books, being a community player and strengthening friendships near and far.  

Cheers, Chris